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The Telegraph: Greece is the first country I’ll visit after coronavirus

Greece is the principal selection that The Telegraph’s computerized travel manager, Oliver Smith, plans to visit when the coronavirus (Covid-19) emergency closes.

In his article titled “The first country I’ll visit after coronavirus? There’s no contest” and distributed in the online release of the British day by day paper, Smith alludes to Greece’s delights and exceptional highlights.

“What I need is the island’s flawless life, the awesome nourishment and settlement, the tranquil seashores, the lavish green open country and a definitive escape from the pressure of present-day life,” he says.

As Smith clarifies, Greece is where the British are constantly welcome wholeheartedly, where the sun is continually sparkling and where one can show up from the UK in only a couple of hours via plane.

The Telegraph’s movement proofreader includes that going via ocean is among the components that make Greece a perfect occasion goal.

Smith has visited a portion of Greece’s most well-known islands, among them Skiathos, Corfu, Kefallonia, Lefkada, Skopelos, Mykonos and Tinos.

Here what Smith writes:

Overseas holidays have been forbidden for just over a week, but already it feels like far longer. Perhaps that’s because I haven’t left the UK since August, have been in self-isolation since March 9 – when I came down with a cold or Covid-19, I’ll probably never know which – and last week was supposed to be enjoying a short break in sunny Girona.

The next trip in my diary is at the end of May – a journey by rail to Switzerland and the Italian Lakes. Given the scale of the crisis in Europe, especially northern Italy, already that is looking highly unlikely. Will foreign holidays be permitted by July? Or August? Your guess is as good as mine. But I’d like to think that by September – dear God, surely – we will have been given the green light to venture beyond…

By Oliver Smith

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