The Region of Crete “builds bridges” to China’s and India’s tourism industry

Crete-2015-11-30_9-PM-300x208The Region of Crete ‘invests’ in the rapidly developing countries of China’s and India’s tourism, as the Greek island has the potential to attract, by making an organized effort, a significant percentage of the millions of tourists who come from these countries and visit each year Europe.

Towards this direction, and in view of the new tourist season in 2016, the tourism product of Crete was presented in special meetings held in Mumbai and Shanghai where the biggest tour operators from China and India were invited.Crete-2015-11-30_6-PM-300x294

A good start was made with the promotion of Crete during the meetings, according to representatives of the Region, the Executive director of tourism Michael Vamiedakis and Head of the Interim Management Authority Region Maria Kasotaki and the event draw a lot of the tour operators’ and the leading media’s interest.

The tourist promotion of Crete in the largest countries of Asia, was part of the strategic planning of the Region in the tourism sector, and implemented following the projection actions of the island in England and Germany.

The tourism workshops in China and India was attended by over 200 representatives of the largest travel agencies of Mumbai and Shanghai, which confirms the interest in the development of tourist arrivals in Crete from specific markets.

Crete-2015-11-30_7-300x169Furthermore, the representative tourism consultant Michael Vamiedakis held targeted meetings with tour operators and gave interviews to major media of China and India, presenting the options offered by Crete. Mr. Vamiedakis stated: “The markets of India and Asia are developing rapidly, and this results in growing accordingly the tourist arrivals. Millions visit every year Europe, while a small part arrives just as much to Greece and even smaller Crete. Our country is held in high esteem and admiration for its history and culture, but needs systematic work to be transformed into a conscious choice for a holiday destination and that is the big bet. We believe it was a good start in raising awareness of professionals and information about the choices we offer and the advantages that exist, but needs constant discreet presence and monitoring, as the results will not be immediate but medium – long term. We believe in these specific markets and support them with targeted actions “.Crete-2015-11-30-300x207

The success of these events-conferences was also due to the crucial contribution of the Greek Consulate in Shanghai and the General Consul Basilis Ksyros.


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Author: Giouli Voka

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