Hydra Argosaronic island

Only a 90-minute hydrofoil ride from bustling Athens, Hydra is the prettiest of the Greek isles. The community is an easy blend of work-a-day commerce, fancy yachts and lazy tourists meandering through traffic-free streets, alongside the occasional donkey.

Hydra is the most cosmopolitan of the Saronic Islands. An island that attracts every traveler. A stately city that promises its guests an unforgettable vacation. The town of Hydra is built amphitheatrically around the port and impresses with its distinctive architecture. The  old stone houses are real gems on the island. While at the  harbor entrance take a look around and see the cannons that protected the city as a characteristic of the  historic identity of Hydra.

Let’s Know the charming Hydra, walk the narrow streets and take a nostalgic trip to past times without cars.  Only donkeys here!


Hydra Argosaronic island

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