Rhodes is a Greek island

Rhodes is a Greek island located in the southeastern Aegean Sea, at the crossroads of two major Mediterranean sea routes.

Because of its central position, he has known many civilizations.

All the different people who settled on Rhodes left their mark in all aspects of the island’s culture: art, language, architecture, science.

• The Classical Period
It was the “golden period” of Rhodes.
Rhodes produced excellent artistic work. The most famous was the Colossus representing the sun god.

• The Roman Period
• Byzantine period
• Knights Period
• Ottoman Period
• Italian Period
Rebuilt the Palace of the Grand Magister, undertook extensive infrastructure and radically transformed the town of Rhodes, which was supplied, building regulations and many new public and private buildings.

• Modern Period
The entire medieval town was recognized by the Ministry of Culture as “protected monument”.

Within Rhodes city limits, is the medieval city of Rhodes, one of the best preserved medieval cities in the world, which is included in World Heritage sites by UNESCO.

The island of Rhodes has a rich natural environment, beautiful beaches and modern tourist infrastructure elements that have for decades made it a one of the most popular tourist destinations nationally and globally.

The access to the island is by air, and has the international airport “Diagoras”.
And by sea, Rhodes Port serves as home port and makes the island, gateway and exit for Mediterranean cruises.

The island’s distinct flavors, friendly people, unique history and cosmopolitan beauty.
Leaves the visitor unique moments and amazing experiences.

Many people also choose it as a permanent destination, while many acquire their own housing to permanently live the magic and dream.

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