His Majesty Crete

Huge, ancient, proud, surprising. The cradle of Zeus. The largest island of Greece. His Majesty Crete. It is home to the most temperamental Greeks and boasts a great variety of beaches and hotels. The richness and depth of its history hypnotize visitors no less than the beauty of countless bays, ancient fortresses and narrow streets.

1:25 Heraklion
2:30 Knossos
3:29 Traditional winery
4:37 hotels of Crete
5:37 Rethymno
5:47 Finikas beach
8:28 Chania
9:42 Balos Bay
10:45 Elafonisi
11:17 Botanical garden and Cretan cuisine

13:46 Elounda
15:07 Spinalonga
15:41 Lassiti
17:01 The cave where Zeus was born
17:29 Hrisi island
17:40 Vai palm forest


His Majesty Crete

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