The mayor of Lesvos about the touristic promotion of Lesvos

Dear Friends,

“The touristic promotion of Lesvos, is one of the major priorities of the Municipal Authority of Lesvos. From ancient times to the present day, Lesvos has always been an island of distinct historic, intellectual and cultural significance. Lesvos is a destination that can please and satisfy every visitor. It is ideal for peaceful family vacations, visits to numerous attractions and museums, for religious and spa tourism, but also for the younger crowds. We aspire to make our island widely known, as an ideal destination, a natural paradise, where everything is genuine, original and lively. A land where you are captivated by nature’s games with the sea and coastline, warm hospitality of the locals, unique local products, and distinct character. Lesvos is an island that bedazzles visitors with its beauty, serenity and authenticity.

Dedicated to timeless European values, awarded with the new title of Capital of solidarity, we all work together and claim a new title, that of European Capital of Culture for 2021. In this effort we hope to find you all on our side

I urge you to visit the great island of Lesvos and discover its unique beauties. Have a great vacation!

The mayor of Lesvos

Spyros Galinos

Lesvos unique vacations

Lesvos history

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