Santorini May Be Capping Tourist Numbers, If You’re Traveling By Cruise

Santorini May Be Capping Tourist Numbers, If You’re Traveling By Cruise

By Erika Owen March 4, 2016

There’s a reason everyone is flocking to Santorini—have you seen the photos? It’s no surprise it’s such a bucket list destination, but authorities of the Greek island have decided to limit the number of visitors coming on cruises in order to keep it that way. Before you start rearranging your travel plans, hear us out: with an increase in tourism comes overcrowding and potentially dangerous environmental effects. In 2015, Santorini saw more cruises than any other island in Greece. According to Lonely Planet, more the 4,000 cruisers disembarked their boats every day to take in the island sights. This change is an effort to make sure Santorini stays that picturesque scene our daydreams are made of.

We’ve seen this kind of thing before. The Italian city of Cinque Terre is also limiting the number of tourists that pay a visit in an effort to prevent dangerous overcrowding. The takeaway: If you’re planning a trip to Santorini—especially by cruise—make sure and keep an ear open to any upcoming policy changes. No visitor caps have been announced as of press time, but the new numbers will help spread tourist traffic evenly over each day of the week.

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Santorini May Be Capping Tourist Numbers, If You're Traveling By Cruise

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