A Sunset Serenade for Santorini @ Huffington Post

We read at Huffington Post by Mihaela Lica Butler Writer, travel journalist, recipe creator, vegan cookbook author, as she call her self:

I stare at the heavens. I don’t gaze. I stare with eyes wide open and lips parted, gasping to breathe in the colorful air of this sunset as if I could take in the magic of this sky. I am lost in an aww moment.

Suddenly, I reach down the back pocket of my jeans frock for my smartphone with perspired palms – it’s hot in August on Thira.

Click, click, click, I tap obsessively, aiming what’s supposed to be a good camera at the stunning-beyond-words display above the seas and nothing seems to work. The digital capture is pitiful. It looks blurry and weak, void of substance and plain. Where is my Monet when I need him?

Cheap piece of crap!” I hear myself saying, and I regret the words in an instance. It’s as if my voice spoils the colors of the sunset with a high-pitched, creaky tone.

In the distance, the Aegean crushes its waves against the soaring cliffs of the caldera, and I reach out to a glass of Vinsanto resting on a small table next to my sunbed. I am thinking about how fortunate I am to enjoy this blissfully quiet moment with my husband in the privacy of our terrace at Santo Maris resort in Oia, ever so grateful that my mom took Paul-Jules, my baby boy, out for a donkey ride this evening.

“I am free in paradise,” I am thinking out loud and giggle.

Here is the full article: A Sunset Serenade for Santorini @ Huffington Post


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