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History, legend, and beauty are what Mykonos, Greece, is all about. Even its name is drawn from myth: Mykon, the first ruler of Mykonos, was purportedly the son of Apollo.

You don’t need to be fully versed in Greek myths to enjoy your trip, but before you begin your Mykonos tour, get to know some of the island’s local legends. In the old stories, Mykonos hosted a battle between Zeus and the giant Titans. The large rocks that are scattered over the island are said to be the remains of the Titans, which were left where they fell.

You won’t spend your all of your Mykonos sightseeing staring at rocks, though. Why not learn more about the local history in Mykonos Town, the largest community on the island? For instance, its windmills were built in the 16th century by the Venetians, who ruled the island until the 18th century. The windmills are the place to visit for outstanding views of the harbor and another dose of local lore.

Much of Mykonos Town is built in the medieval Venetian style; it is a maze of small lanes and whitewashed buildings. This community has been a Mykonos tourism hot spot since the 1950s thanks to its variety of restaurants and nightclubs, and for good reason. Eating, dancing, and ocean sunsets—what better combination could you ask for?

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