The pristine landscape of the southwest Peloponnese

Costa Navarino unveils a brand new short film

A story unfolds through the lens of Athina Rachel Tsangari and Academy Award® nominee Phedon Papamichael. The pristine landscape of the southwest Peloponnese, the hidden treasures of a historical land, its people and its abundant nature, inspired a tale of wonder and exploration.


Costa Navarino presents anew video, the directorial look of Athena Rachel Tsaggaris with photography from candidate for Oscar® Phaidon Papamihail and production of Faliro House. The unspoilt landscape, the hidden treasures of a historic place, its people and their traditions, play the leading role in this short film trip, paying tribute to Greece and Messinia.

A story that remains etched in memory, an authentic Messinian experience captured by the lens of the internationally acclaimed director Athina Rachel Tsaggaris, which stated: “It is a visual poem, an ode to a place of unique beauty and a Greece that remains forever faithful to itself, through the centuries. ”

Costa Navarino is the starting point for a unique exploration in places where the sense of hospitality, deeply rooted in the Greek roots, embraces every visitor: “Although we were strangers,we were welcome” as narrated by one of the protagonists. Walking in the footsteps of the ancient world through cultural significant monuments, discovering the rich nature of the region, this visual journey shows how every day in this award-winning destination in the Mediterranean, is a unique experience: “In this place respected him and loved him, to maintain only for thousands of years. ”

This new production, expresses the philosophy of Development of Costa Navarino, for sustainable tourism development based on the protection and promotion of the environment, respect of the local communities, the manners and customs of the place. Development that aims to place Messinia in the global tourist map as a quality, sustainable destination.

Screenplay – Direction: Athina Rachel Tsangari
Production: Faliro House
Photographer: Phaidon Papamihail
Cameraman: Sean Price Williams, Elias Adamis
Editing: Matt Johnson
Music: Marilena Orfanos

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